| 44 | Jerusalem, Israel.
Photographer, Traveler

I am a Jerusalem photographer. 

What does that mean? I was born and raised in this extraordinary city. I live and breath it every day. I live and breath its beauty, its holy air, its heart breaking conflict, its hopes and dreams, its nightmares and fears. I walk its streets and see humanity from everywhere. Jews. Palestinians. Secular visionaries. And secular people who want to flee. Believers and fanatics who think they have the answers.  Religious pilgrims. Powerful politicians. Crazy politicians. NGO’s struggling not only to survive, but to make a difference. Artists. Musicians. And a whole lot of insane seekers. 

I pour all of this into my photography. My name is Daniel Rachamim. Daniel means the Judge of God. Rachamim means mercy.  Throw it all together, and I was born to be a Jerusalem photographer, a witness to not only this city, but to humanity. 

Currently I am a part of the architectural movement of place-making  in Jerusalem in which I document the way architects build for the people and to the people. 

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Eden , Jerusalem biennale, OA studios, DY architects, Hebrew university, Israel aquarium, Tell Aviv department of psychology, The Jerusalem open house. etc

my art website -  https://www.danielrachamim.com/